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Integration as a service

How it works

  1. Point Pushstartr to your existing databases.
  2. Tell us what data you want to import.
  3. Use a drag and drop tool to structure your MongoDB documents.
  4. Click go, and we'll begin importing data from across your network into MongoDB.
  5. Any changes to your datasets are reflected in real-time through Pushstartr.

Database administration panel for NoSQL

Did you know, only 3% of the world's data is used?

Pushstartr helps make sense of the other 97%.


Consolidated data access

In v2 we will be releasing the Pushstartr API.

This will allow you to write to your single view database, and have the changes reflected in your legacy databases. A real-time, two-way data integration solution.

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Real-time data integration as a service.

Query your entire database network from one place.